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TLOU Ending

TLOU Ending Still Holds Up

Traveling across post-apocalyptic America, fighting infected, and evil human beings all to deliver a teenager to an organization. Then to turn around and dismantle that organization and tell the teenager nothing happened. I’m butchering the cliff notes version of The Last…

Cogs In A Machine Ep. 30

Strategy Guides | Cogs In A Machine Ep.30

Welcome Cogs In A Machine Ep.30! Here @Chacalaca88 and TheFloorHugger deep dive into the games industry. From interesting information and funny stories, they explore it all. In this episode of Cogs In A Machine, we look at Strategy Guides. The best,…

The Fallout 4 reveal

The Fallout 4 Reveal Was Perfect

AAA games should follow Bethesda’s lead with the Fallout 4 reveal. For the love of all things gaming, I’m tired of seeing titles announced and showcased two or more years before release. There are numerous examples of why this is not…


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