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Microsoft revealed today how they plan to celebrate February’s Black History Month. This is set to include dedicated streams, some free DLC for various games, and some game and movie selections. These include the likes of Watchdogs 2, Black Panther, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, and The Walking Dead. We also have various iconic characters, one discussed just here.

Examples of the free in game content include the following titles:

State of Decay 2 is giving everyone a free t-shirt designed by artist Ty Ferrel. It is inspired by and building from the NAACP’s campaign, “We Are Done Dying,”. You will be able to get this from the Xbox Gear Shop from 8th February 8th until the 1st March.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is also included as you are able to download a Black History Month Nameplate.

Minecraft: Education Edition is another title supporting this by offering four new lessons and a free demo. This is to help teach the history of Civil Rights.

This isn’t all as for those part of the Microsoft Rewards program can take part. The rewards program is allowing you to donate to various supporting organizations.
Xbox streams on Twitch are also supporting this as the content throughout this month will be focused around Black History Month. A quote from Xbox Wire includes more information states.

At Xbox, we are committed to building the most inclusive community on the planet, where everyone can experience the joy and connection of gaming and bring their authentic selves to the action

In 2021, we will be celebrating Black History Month by offering captivating gaming experiences, highlighting the contributions of influential Black and African American developers and creators, while raising awareness of important causes that matter to Black communities.

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