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It’s no secret we are expecting a new game in the Metro saga. This would follow 2033, Last Light and Exodus. The last part of the series was upgraded for the new generation of console and PC. The enhanced edition was also a fantastic upgrade and made an already amazing looking game even better. I’m a huge fan of the franchise, playing through both 2033 and Last Light when they launched two console generations ago.

They were also remastered with new game modes in the form of a Metro Redux. The footage used was captured on a PlayStation 5 running the last gen version. Even today they are very much playable due to the colour palette and hardware used originally. With that being said, it can look a little rough around the edges in places. Lets look at the visuals for the original game first.

Then if we focus on the sequel Last Light

We have dark areas which can be tricky to see details and that’s offset by good lighting. Some character models look rough. Compare to Red Dead Redemption and we see a higher clarity and that’s a bigger and older game.

Should 4A Games Rework Metro 2033 And Last Light?

There’s a case for it, we see some rough textures and character models and some frame drops. However on the other side the game plays really well as a whole. Maybe support for a minimum 60 fps would be a benefit to the game. However what actually do we see when the game is running?

Realistically they could successfully remake both of these as neither are on the scope of Exodus. On a technical standpoint I fully believe they need updated. As a game, I’m less convinced. Especially when the games are visually darker as the outside world we see less of. If a remake could retain that environmental light but make it easier to see then maybe yes a remake would be nice. Even with the issues raised I think a boost to framerate might be all that’s needed.

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