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It’s been nearly two decades since Konami gave us the legendary title from a popular series by Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The series can be confusing as although this was the third released game in the series, it’s the debut chronologically. So for those curious about what the correct order of the games is then take a look here. We’ve heard rumors of numerous remakes and remasters in the series. Though it’s a title I recently revisited in the form of the HD port. I found it to be still fairly playable though visually it is naturally dated.

In a way, a remake of Metal Gear Solid makes sense to start with Metal Gear Solid 3. That is if they ever decide to revisit. As we said it’s the first game on the timeline. Having said that rumors broke a few months ago and seen to been found to be unfounded. That was regarding an Unreal Engine 5 remake. The video was posted then removed and found to be the work of someone else. We do know that Konami wants to revisit its popular franchises and we know Silent Hill 2 remake is coming. So what of this classic stealth-action series?

So Why Metal Gear Solid 3 Is Making The News Once More

This is thanks to Andy Robinson from VGC. He posted an interesting post on Twitter recently so let’s look at what he had to say.

So it seems if he is correct, the first game on the timeline is indeed getting remade. Next year makes sense as that marks the twentieth anniversary of the game’s original release. Though E3 we don’t know what’s happening with the event it could be part of the digital event. The recent Silent Hill event was done in a similar vein. Plus we still await the release date of that remake from Konami. As for remasters the original game saw a remake for the Game Cube so would it be that version remade? With E3 or whatever is happening due to commence soon we shall hopefully soon see.

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