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With all the recent talk and rumors of the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, I decided to revisit this classic franchise. The original game came out in 2004 and was published and developed by Konami. However, all the design, production, and directing were done by the man himself Hideo Kojima. Since the fifth game which came in two parts, he’s since left the Konami company and rebranded his own company which is now known as Kojima Productions. then went on to release the curious Death Stranding. So to revisit his classic I turned to Metal Gear Solid 3 HD.

Like when I revisited Silent Hill 2 this is part of an HD collection. This collection launched back in 2011 and is still playable on Xbox consoles today. In this collection Metal Gear Solid 3 HD is packaged with the HD remaster of Sons of Liberty which is the 2nd game taking place over decades from this. In the HD remaster for the third game, Kojima Productions and Bluepoint Games are involved. For the HD port, all footage is captured on Xbox Series X running backward compatibility and in 4K.

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD Today

Naturally, it won’t look as good as say Metal Gear Solid 5 due to the decade gap. However, for the era, it looks good and for a game of its age, it still plays well. The only complaint I have compared to modern games is when pausing, you can’t see a controller layout. Sadly I can’t remember if that’s also the case on the original 2004 release as it’s been roughly fifteen years since I last played this game.

Where Resident Evil 4 needed some fiddling with on a controller to make it more playable today this was far smoother. Meaning if you wish to play this popular installment in the series it’s certainly playable today.

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