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Sometimes a game comes out of nowhere, catches everyone’s attention, and becomes the topic of conversation. Pacific Drive is one example; now we have another. The game in question is called Kingmakers, and it has generated a lot of buzz since its announcement. The reveal of that first trailer made the game stand out. So let’s start with the trailer and introduce you to a one-of-a-kind medieval game.

Well after watching the trailer we can see why it could be a talking point. It asks us to “prepare to rewrite history with Kingmakers, an action/strategy sandbox where you bring guns to a sword fight amidst massive war-torn medieval battles. Build, lead, fight, and change the course of history.” The trailer was posted by the publisher TinyBuild Games and states it’s coming to PC via Steam. The official description states:

Go back in time to a war-torn medieval era with a vast arsenal of modern weapons, change the course of history, and save the future in this epic action/strategy sandbox. Build your kingdom, grab a gun, and lead an army of thousands into massive, real-time simulated battles — solo or in co-op

What to expect in Kingmakers

Kingmakers On Console – Will It Happen? Let’s Find Out

As we see from the description in the trailer the publisher is stating the game is coming to PC but no mention of consoles. Though if we look at Twitter we see a glimmer of hope for console fans. Let’s hand you over to the developers and let them answer this question:

So it appears that the devs of Kingsmakers have begun working on development kits for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5. However, it appears that this is a case of when rather if it will launch on consoles. As for when this game will be released, all we have is early access on PC at the moment. However, its possible with it being an early access release, Xbox players may see the game before PlayStation thanks to game preview. For now, keep an eye on this insane medieval mash-up.

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