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It’s fair to say that video game fans have been getting some good adaptations of many beloved franchises. Whether that’s the Mario movie, the Last of Us TV show, or the now recently released Fallout series. However, the Sonic movie had not one, but two films with an upcoming third. With Shadow being the antagonist, a question has been who will voice the villain, turned Anti-hero. Well, it has now been confirmed that Keanu Reeves will voice Shadow.

That’s right, you read that right, the John Wick and Chosen actor will play the edgy anti-sonic in the upcoming third entry. The news comes originally from a report by the Hollywood Reporter before being confirmed by other sources.

While some fans may be upset that it is not the original voice of Shadow. The star-studded cast that the Sonic films have been building as their ensemble, Keanu makes an awesome addition. With his trademark stoicism and hard-edge persona, he perfectly fits the role of the genetic weapon.

This all adds to the Year of Shadow as SEGA has been calling it. From Sonic X Shadow Generations bringing an updated version of the Sonic Generations game. With a brand new Shadow-focused story expansion, as well as his film debut. The edgy, assault rifle cocking bad boy is finally getting more love.

So tell us are you excited to hear that Keanu Reeves will voice Shadow in the Sonic movie, are you a fan of the film let us know in the comments down below.

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