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About a week ago, Kate Bishop’s DLC dropped for Marvel’s Avengers. With this DLC came a very enjoyable mission chain, a new type of boss, and a new playable character that is slowly becoming my main. I know most of you are a bit more focused on everything going right and wrong with Cyberpunk 2077 but I think this is worth talking about. Kate Bishop is a good sign for Marvel’s Avengers.

Kate Bishop: Story

When you start the “Taking Aim” campaign you’re thrusted into a mission led by Ironman where you receive telecommunications from an unidentified individual. As you progress through the mission, you discover it’s Kate and the two know each other. I think Kate’s relationship with Tony and the Avengers as a whole shines here. She feels abandoned by them and her only allegiance that remains is with her mentor and friend, Hawkeye. As the campaign progresses, however, you see her rebuild those relationships with our main heroes and her start to form a new one with Kamala. My favorite part is just how deep this story goes and the seeds it plants for future DLC. It’s not just a lead in to Hawkeye’s DLC but one that can span many other soon to be released Hero’s DLC. I think this shows that Kate Bishop is a good sign for Marvel’s Avengers.

Kate Bishop Marvel's Avengers

Kate Bishop: My New Main

It might be tempting to play the new campaign and then get off but playing as Kate is really fun. My old main was Ironman and I was working on Cap before I got bored of the game. However, coming back with Kate revitalized the game in a way I didn’t see coming. Her gameplay is smooth and rewarding. She never runs out of arrows and they don’t need to reload like Black Widow or Ironman’s weaponry. Her skills are extremely useful too. I still don’t get the support heroic ability for Cap and the Ironman one I only use to spam rockets, but Kate has a decoy that you can upgrade to attack enemies and deal damage. It’s almost like a sentry turret and her varying array of arrow types are all fun to use and effective. And that’s without mentioning her teleporting which has saved me a bunch.

Kate Bishop: The Future

I know one good DLC character may not get you that excited and trust me I only got on to play cause I went down on some BS in zombies. What I will say though, is that this game hasn’t wasted all of it’s potential. If each DLC hero drops with similar or even better content than Kate’s, I’m going to keep coming back. I hear Black Panther will open Wakanda as a new space. Hawkeye is definitely going to get into some deep comic book stuff. And others like Captain Marvel who’s been “Off World” this whole time are poised to blow the doors open on this game.

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