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First off, thank you EA Creator Network for providing me with a code for Immortals of Aveum. I am almost 3 hours into the game and want to share my early thoughts on this new magical first-person shooter.

Immortals of Aveum is a spell-casting action-packed first-person shooter. Yes instead of guns you are casting spells. You are playing Jak a street kid who after some tragic events finds out he has a special power. And with that, it will help Lucium to win the Everwar by defeating the invading force from Rasharn. You are recruited into the army with the goal to join the order of the immortals and that’s as far as I’ve made it in the story. And I’m just glad there are dragons or dragon-type creatures in this world. Because seriously, how can you have magic without dragons?

Look this game is a fast-paced shooter, I would say it is in between Halo and Doom in terms of combat speed. There are RPG elements with the ability to tailor your sigils to how you like to play. Also even though it is not a large open world the game does a good job of rewarding your exploration.

Explore Everywhere You Can In Immortals of Aveum

By the end of the tutorial, I had over 10,000 gold just from looking around corners and finding hidden chests. The combination of different magic and magical tools give you the ability to create fun combinations while fighting

I used my magical whip to grab and pull an enemy in close then shot them with my shotgun spell. I am going to spend more time with this game but if you are looking for a single-player shooter with a story to tell so far id recommend Immortals of Aveum. It is available now for Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S for $69.99.

Thank you again EA Creator Network for the opportunity to play Immortals of Aveum on my Xbox Series X.

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