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A previously revealed game has been brought back to our attention by recent news. Amidst the numerous games showcased at The Game Awards, one title stands out: Immortals of Aveum. This game may have slipped past your attention and you may need to revisit the teaser trailer to jog your memory. As the game is set to release in 2023, let’s take a look at the official teaser trailer together.

From the trailer description, we see it’s being developed in Unreal Engine 5. Like many new games, it’s bypassing last-gen and will launch on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. It also says that Immortals of Aveum “is a groundbreaking new single-player, first-person magic shooter, created by Ascendant Studios and released by EA Originals, that delivers a visceral, cinematic campaign”. The description also tells us the game is being made by the team who created “Call of Duty and Dead Space” and is set “in an original fantasy universe engulfed in magic, rife with conflict, and on the verge of oblivion”.

The Latest On Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum is the debut title from Ascendent Studios. VGC tells us they are “an independent studio founded by CEO and game director Bret Robbins, who was creative director on Visceral Games’ original Dead Space as well as Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty games Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare and World War 2”. So what brings this interesting-looking game into the news today? Well, a data mine by a user on Twitter called billbil_kun who claimed to know the game’s release date.

This came a few hours from the developers saying the wait is almost over. According to Eurogamer, “billbil-kun routinely – and accurately – leaks PlayStation Plus’ free games ahead of the official announcements”. So although this is a rumor this could well turn out to be accurate. As yet we’ve seen nothing new so maybe worth keeping an eye on.

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