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Everyone who plays the Forza Horizon series loves seeing a mix of supercars, hypercars, and fun off-roaders as well as the stunning locations we’ve come to love. We’ve been from Mediterranean Europe to Australia to the home of the franchise in the UK. Now we have Mexico in the 5th installment in a series blessed with some realistic and stunning scenery and some awesome cars. So let’s dive in and look at Forza Horizon 5.

So what does Mexico offer?

To answer let’s hear from the game’s Creative Director Mike Brown who is taking lead on this following on excellent work from Ralph Fulton. This came from a recent interview in Xbox Wire

We knew from the beginning that we wanted this to be the biggest Forza Horizon yet. However, if we wanted to be the biggest, then we felt we also needed to offer the most diversity and contrast as well.  Mexico is almost like the whole world in one country: snowy peaks, tropical jungles, epic canyons, beautiful beaches, ancient architecture, and modern cities. When you add on Mexico’s incredible culture – the music, the art, the history, the people – there is no more exciting location for the Horizon Festival.

So it looks like they have found the most diverse location for the next game and they broke this down into various biomes.  The game has 11 unique biomes and Playground Games were researched thoroughly and then recreated with incredible detail, as we’ve already seen on the announcement. 

So what have they done?

The best answer is given by the games art director Don Arceta who said:

Our team collects reference from the location and creates concept images that highlight the beauty and unique detail for each biome. We employ techniques such as photogrammetry to recreate the environment with precision accuracy.  And we bring the beauty of the world in, through the sights and sounds you’ll find throughout every area. The goal of the artistic process is to make it feel like you’re really there.

Will seasons feature in these new biomes in Forza Horizon 5?

As we already know, yes they are. And they add different weather to each biome. If you’re in the jungle, Spring means the rainy season. Summer on the coast can give us tropical storms. So with very diverse locations affected in various ways by ever-changing weather gives the festival a unique experience every time you play. But what are the biomes? This is what was described in the Let’s iGo show


We saw this in the reveal trailer. According to Xbox Wire.

It’s filled with rock formations patterned with unique striations. many of which erode into hoodoos that are only found in the canyon.

Fun fact: each of the biomes have unique audio and the canyon has more echoes than any of the others.

Tropical Coast

Filled with palm trees, seagulls, white sand beaches and calm waters, it feels alot like a postcard come to life. At least that’s the case until you reach storm season, which completely changes how you need to navigate it. Watch out for flying palm trees!


Unlike the flatter or drier farmland found in some of the previous Forza Horizon games. these rolling hills are filled with lush vegetation, fruit-bearing trees, and wide, shallow rivers. You’ll have plenty of fences to smash through and picturesque homesteads to explore while you’re cruising through here.

Arid Hills

This biome is full of dry grasses on rolling hills and plains. providing plenty of open spaces to drive across if you feel like off-roading. One of the coolest features in this biome is a lake that dries up in the winter season. opening up shortcuts via fast passages and secret areas.


Filled with lush, dense vegetation and towering trees that let beautiful rays of sun through the canopy. this biome also sports some impressive waterfalls and winding rivers. There are also a number of hidden temples in this area, all based on real locations in Mexico.

Living Desert

In a first for the Forza Horizon series, Forza Horizon 5 features a cactus desert that’s full of towering saguaros. There are also a number of rock formations and rock piles that are unique to the area. As the name implies, it’s full of life and features plenty of flowers and wildlife.

Rocky Coast

While the tropical coast features lots of trees and vegetation, this one has a completely different vibe. Since there aren’t many trees, you’ll get a full view of the ocean and some excellent views of the sun setting at the end of the day. As a bonus to all you golfers out there, you can even take a spin around (read: through) a golf course.

Sand Desert

Full of towering sand dunes, this biome is perfect for cruising around in a buggy and carving into the sand. If you don’t feel like getting sand between your toes. many of the roads in this area feature long straightaways so there are plenty of opportunities to see how fast your favorite ride really goes.


Although a swamp might not sound like the best place for a race. this biome’s shallow waters are a great place for it.   The swamp also features a lot of mangrove trees that sport very thick, interconnected roots. You can actually smash through these during races, changing the route depending on whether or not your car can handle it.

Urban City of Guanajuato

Like a number of cities in Mexico, there’s a good deal of amazing architecture and vibrant colors everywhere you look. Unlike lots of cities, however, it features alot of rolling hills and tunnels, making for some really fun race routes. As with the Canyon, you’ll hear plenty of echoes bouncing around the city’s tight roadways.


In another first for the Forza Horizon series, this massive mountain is situated right next to the Living Desert. It’s a very high-altitude volcano. so driving to the top is a unique experience that rewards players by seeing way off into the horizon. This is also the only place in the game that you’ll encounter snow, so be sure to pack an extra jacket.

When does Forza Horizon 5 launch?

The game launches on Xbox and PC on 9th November and is day one on Game Pass. However, the premium editions launch in November 5th.

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