Gwent’s Saovine Special Event Is Underway!

The Saovine special event, which is already underway will run until November 3rd. It gives you the chance to earn Treasure Chests by winning matches. Each Treasure Chest contains a unique in-game gift, such as a cardback, border, portrait, player title, or in-game resources — Ore or Meteorite Powder.

Accompanying the festivities of Gwent’s Saovine Special Event are a number of limited-time offers available in the in-game store. You can purchase a customizable neutral leader skin for Shupe the Troll — available as part of a bundle alongside a unique avatar and player title. Moreover, the in-game store will also feature other Saovine-themed ornaments, including a Ghost leader skin for Cleaver. All items will be available until November 3rd.

To fight Monsters (or other factions of GWENT for that matter!), sometimes you need to become a monster yourself! Come back from the dead and fight eternal battles in the name of the Syndicate as this ghastly version of Cleaver.
Unseen Elder is back in black! Embrace the dark power of the ancient higher vampire with this elegant set of armor, along with special visual effects and animations.

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