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Watching The Lord Of The Rings – The Rings of Power made me think. Wouldn’t the full setup and storyline be an interesting plotline for an open-world action RPG?  Which in turn made me think further.  What games I’d Love to see made?

First up as suggested a massive multi-location in Tolkien’s universe.  A world full of exploration and the closest we’ve seen is the Middle Earth duo.  So, a world that includes Gondor and Rohan and the like. However, that may be ambitious but if doable, seeing more of the realms outside of Mordor would be interesting. Also, if we consider the open-world genre, another franchise I would love to see in Game of Thrones.  A world full of lore and perfect to explore is the lands of Westeros.

Looking more into games I’d Love to see I look into a title we are getting.  That being the upcoming open word game based on Frank Herbert’s Dune. Dune Awakening is a title I eagerly await but a single-player game could I feel works equally as well.  Again, in this genre another title I would find interesting to see could work well if we take the size of Cyberpunk 2077 would be the world of Mega-City One and Judge Dredd.  On a smaller scale, the story Jurassic Park would be interesting to play the role of Alan Grant and co as you escape the doomed Park.  

Games I’d Love Returning – The Existing Franchises

So many franchises exist, some I feel could really use another installment. One title I feel many would love to see return is Half-Life. Either in a new entry or a remake, the story of Gordon Freeman is long overdue for a return.  A third installment in the Wolfenstein franchise would be welcome as would a full remake of Return To Castle Wolfenstein.  

Another shooter I would love to see return is that of the Novalogic series Delta Force.  This is one of many in the genre I feel would be worthy of a return, games such as Quake or Unreal Tournament.  If we look at horror titles, many want a return to Silent Hill. After all, we are getting Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil 4 so why not this? We are getting a remake of System Shock and I would dearly love the sequel to be remade. What about you? Are their titles you would love to see made or franchises returned to? These are just some of the games I would want to be brought to reality.

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