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Most gamers have had some experience with the Forza Horizon franchise. It started with the original Forza Horizon 1 back in 2012 and now the recent hit Forza Horizon 5 last year. The franchise has changed drastically since its 2012 first showing and it’s been a gradual evolution over the years.

Forza Horizon 1 was delisted in 2016 which is fairly common with older games. We also saw Forza Motorsport 7 delisted in September last year. Generally, after a few years, games get removed from the stores for a simple reason, the licenses used have expired. If you bought the games though, you can still play them or redownload them to play at a later date even if they get delisted. This makes the recent Forza Horizon 1 news a massive surprise.

What Happened With The Original Forza Horizon?

Even though it’s not been available to purchase digitally for the past six years, fans got a surprise. Over the weekend it suddenly appeared in the store to buy, albeit briefly.  Before Microsoft stepped in to remove it again from the store some lucky gamers managed to grab it.

We even have footage of it running on an Xbox Series X.

Even with its surprise return and swift removal, one question is left. Why did it return to the storefront this weekend? There has been no word from Microsoft or Playground Games on this surprise brief return.

This is very likely to be a mistake, but how do you accidentally bring this back to the store? Unless there is some plan to bring this back or Playground are planning to remaster or remake it. It’s an interesting turn of events which is more than likely an error. Did you spot and grab this or did you already own it? Personally, it’s one of my favorites in the series, with good memories with friends online on the Xbox 360.

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