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The game originally called Project Athia is nearly upon us. The game, now called Forspoken, gives Frey Holland her debut and is close to its much-anticipated launch. There is a playable demo on the PlayStation Store for those of us who wish to try the game out ourselves first. The demo can be found here and gives a tutorial on the game. All this before letting you loose in a limited part of the game’s open-world setting. You get to experience an area known as “Avoalet’s Water Garden.” The demo gives you five main objectives to complete, where you help “Frey in her quest to find her way home.”

As we know, the game was set to launch last year until Square Enix and Luminous delayed the title. As we told you at the time, the game was pushed back until January 24, 2023. At the time of writing, the release of the game is about a week and a half away. The game is set to be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. It is, however, available for preorder on PC through the Steam and Epic stores. There is a chance it could end up on Xbox, though we have seem similar-timed exclusive titles yet to arrive on Microsoft’s platform. So until there is official news, a Forspoken Xbox release may never happen.

Forspoken Requirements For PC And Console

Being so close to release, you would expect all the technical specs to be published. Both Epic and Steam have yet to publish any information, though. By searching, Game Debate has some requirements for PC, which can be found here. These may not be accurate, so please take that into consideration. As for the console, it seems a hefty chunk is needed on your hard drive. Also, compared to the PC specs that we know of, the console storage needed is much larger.

At the time of writing, we’ll know more in a few weeks’ time when the preload finally becomes available. Is this a game on your radar? If you played the demo, why not let us know what you think?

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