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Welcome to the Gold Road the latest expansion from one of my favorite games The Elder Scrolls Online. This long-running MMORPG is also celebrating its 10th anniversary! Since 2014 this game has had ups and downs and a dedicated community that has continued to play in the world of Tamriel. It has had massive overhauls and brought new adventures to some of our favorite Bethesda gaming worlds. Today we will dive into the latest offering and celebration of 10 years. I also have to thank Bethesda and Zenimax once again for giving me a code to bring this all to you for yet another year.

A forgotten Daedric Prince has returned, bringing chaos to West Weald! Explore a new zone and defend the city of Skingrad, now beset by a dangerous Daedric cult and the jungles of Valenwood. Customize your skills like never before with the new Scribing system. This is the description for this year’s chapter and yet again we have to face another Daedric price that thinks this is their moment. The only twist is for the first time in ESO, a new Daedric Prince walks Tamriel. Forgotten to even her most devout followers, Ithelia has returned. We also have the pleasure of returning to the oblivion classic city of Skingrad.

I got this expansion a little later than most and had gone into this the same way I always do with joy and excitement to explore a new part of Tamriel. I noticed the more I played the more a small feeling of stagnation crept up. Things just felt a little stale and smaller than in previous years for this to be the 10th anniversary so far this expansion feels a touch melancholy. It’s neither good nor bad it is however more of the same and I enjoy that for the most part. I would say for those that care it is less last years expansion Necrom and more High Isle lite. There are only 5 main missions with no new companions, or offerings that we have seen in the previous year’s content. I’ve just never come across a 10-year anniversary that feels so underwhelming for long-term fans of this MMORPG. I truly want to be over the moon with this expansion but I’m hard-pressed to recommend it at full price or until the full chapter content is out for the year. However, let’s look at what else we have going on in this expansion.

For fishing lovers like me, you will be glad to know they have added 4 new lake, river, and foul fish to try and catch all over the map. Not gonna lie I love fishing in any game and I love it here too. After completing the limited but interesting story on offer I dedicated countless hours to trying to catch them all. It’s a work in progress. I also found a lot of this area has centipedes and frogs which are great sources of various baits.

I started with the world bosses instead of diving into the story because I was truly worried that if I waited there wouldn’t be enough people at certain times to do them. However, once again the ESO community came through, and then whenever a call was put out people always showed up. Returning are new public dungeons, sky shards, lore books, delves, and 12-person trials that I have yet to tackle.

Scribing has been in the game for a bit but I think it was never a fully fleshed-out quest line, I could be wrong about that though so someone let me know in the comments section. I have been playing ESO for so long that sometimes everything blends.

For those who purchase The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Upgrade: Gold Road or The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road receive in-game items, including:

All past Chapter Collector’s Edition / Deluxe items** (only included in The Elder Scrolls Online Deluxe Collection: Gold Road)
Mount: West Weald Tharriker
Pet: Skingrad Guard Mastiff
Outfit Style: Skingrad Vedette Armor Pack
Memento: Ulfsild’s Tome of Legends
Colovian Emote Pack (3 emotes)

It will be interesting to see how all the Daedric princes will continue to interact and mess with Tamriel as the year goes on and into the next expansions. I truly hope that if you played this you got what you wanted out of it. It feels content lite and even more of the same old while not bad again this is a decade of ESO this could be so much better. To wrap this up I think the price is a bit steep for what’s on offer with it being $67 Canadian for the Deluxe upgrade and $107 for the Deluxe collection. If you really want to play more ESO like I did then this might suit you but I can’t say this is worth picking up at this second, wait for a sale.

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Gold Road Expansion

$67 CAN - $110 CAN



  • Oblivion Location
  • Skingrad


  • Short
  • Not as much on offer as last year
  • Value vs Content

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