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Back in 2018, KeokeN Interactive gave us Deliver Us The Moon, Now it is available on nearly all systems with a Switch version reported, and the upgraded versions of Deliver Us The Moon have finally launched on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. When the console upgrades were announced this is what we were told to expect:

With ray-traced shadows, reflections and audio, and greatly improved loading times, expect the most gorgeous version of Deliver Us The Moon yet for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 later this year.

Back in April, I grabbed a copy on the PC as through NVIDIA the game supported ray tracing. I was curious to see how much it changed the game so I did a comparison of a few areas early on. Now the next-gen console upgrades are out, I thought I’d put the previous PC footage up against the PlayStation 5 version.

Deliver Us The Moon Comparison Results

The first area I noticed a strong change was the Solar Panels right at the start of the game so lets look at the screens below

Ray tracing for Deliver us the Moon

As we can see, the reflections on the panels are less evident and the background less detailed. Now lets take the PC footage with no ray tracing in use and compare the difference

Ray tracing for Deliver us the MoonDeliver Us The Moon
PC and no Ray Tracing (Left) vs PlayStation 5 Quality Mode (Right)

So we have more detail on PC with no RTX support turned on compared to PlayStation 5 running quality mode. I approached the official Facebook page for the game and asked and was assured Quality mode has Ray Tracing. When we compare with the 4K/30 mode from the PlayStation 4 build below, we see the RTX implementation in the upgrade is very basic in terms of reflective detail. However the texture quality in the background as well as up close offers more quality. The lighting is much clearer. However we see all these improvements in performance mode.

Deliver Us The MoonDeliver Us The Moon
PS4 (Left) vs PS5 Quality mode (Right)

However, was this issue spotted anywhere else in the game. The answer to that is let the game speak for itself.

Ray tracing for Deliver us the Moon

We see from the reflections again, the PlayStation 5 version is nowhere near the detail on PC. The trend I noticed throughout the game when looking back on the captured screens from the PC release.

Ray tracing for Deliver us the Moon

When we compare this example, on PC we see as expected, our character’s reflection on the glass. On PlayStation 5, I was unable to produce a similar result. These are some of many examples I found across the early part of the game.

PlayStation 5 Quality Mode Vs Performance Mode

To put the game on console through it’s paces, I decided to compare the two modes available. The game loads faster than it did on last-gen hardware. This is a relief as I can only toggle between the two modes in the menu. In contrast on PC, I can turn ray tracing on or off during gameplay.

Performance Mode vs Quality Mode

So we see the screen-based reflections, and lighting are fairly identical across both versions. Also whichever mode you choose we still experience a similar frame rate. However, I decided to test another area to see if the lighting and reflections were fairly identical.

Well what we experience here is a similar result. Very similar detail in the reflection. We also have the same area from PC just a different angle to see the results I at least expected close to.

Ray tracing for Deliver us the MoonRay tracing for Deliver us the Moon

So in summary, it does appear the upgrade offers the bare minimum of RTX support. It’s a pity as we have seen the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S offer so much more in this area. Look at the remaster for Spider-Man or the recent Ratchet And Clank. It will be interesting to see how the different versions of the sequel shape up. Both versions of Deliver Us The Moon are available on the new PlayStation Plus, at least in the UK. The game as it stands even on last-gen hardware is very much worth your time. The game as a whole looks nicer on PlayStation 5. However, the judge for is the upgrade worth it, is down to you.

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