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Death and Life are sisters and Goddesses at war with one another through their mortal/immortal proxies. In Deathbound you are an entity that rides the line of life and death. The combination of four warrior souls from both sides of the conflict who must work together to put a stop to the madness. This soul-like game was developed by Trialforge Studio and published by Tate Multimedia for PC. And it is available now for a limited time on Steam during the first Next Fest of 2024.

Deathbound has many of the same Souls-like mechanisms that fans of the genre are accustomed to. Punishing combat that does not reward button bashing, ,anagement of stamina, and an inability to pause the game outside of checkpoint/upgrade locations. The four-person party structure, character attributes, and skill tree are just a few of the features that set this game apart.

Four Warriors In One

The “four-party system” covers a wide range of intricate gameplay features. Each character you transform into has a unique skill set, attack speed, and specialty. You begin the demo with an assassin, a Brute/Warrior, and a mage. During my time in the demo, I discovered two additional characters: a holy knight and a spearman. This was a new and a little difficult experience switching between several playstyles in the middle of a fight. This is especially true for the magician who casts slowly. However, outside of combat, you must keep track of the health of all four equipped party members, as one death means the game is finished. There is a disadvantage and synergy system that is determined by the position of the souls during character selection.

Long story short, Deathbound has enough variety to avoid being just another soul-like. The demo is a pre-alpha build of the game, consequently, there are some janky moments. For example, I had trouble picking up stuff and locking onto a few enemies. There were no crashes or demo-breaking moments during my time with the game. This title has a lot of potential and plenty of lore to build upon. So, if you’re looking for a new soulslike to dig into, try out Deathbound’s demo for a limited time on Steam.

Deathbound Combat Trailer

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