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It is fair to say that Marvel fans and comic-book fans love Deadpool. Ever since the Fox acquisition fans have wondered how his induction into the MCU would unfold. And now we know as Deadpool 3 is bringing back Hugh Jackman.

When Kevin Feige spoke to fans after the Fox merger many wondered how this would affect certain films in the MCU; Namely Deadpool for his very hard R rating clashing with the MCU’s family-friendly or PG-13 appeal. However, he stated that he had no intentions of holding back the Merc with the mouth. That he has full trust in Ryan and the team and that they will not obstruct their creativity.

This was met with great delight, but there was one simple problem now. What comes next for everyone’s favorite 4th wall-breaker? After assembling and then promptly killing the X-Force, there was only one choice, team up with the Wolverine. However, that seemed a long shot as Hugh Jackman had sworn he was hanging up the claws for good after Logan’s send-off Logan.

Ryan has made it no secret he wanted to work with Hugh again. With fans aching to see the Aussie Native return to the role. However, that request was heard loud and clear as Ryan had a very special message for fans on Twitter early Tuesday morning.

In true Ryan Reynolds fashion, he was cheeky from the beginning making it seem like he had nothing to update the fans on. Except, he had one singular idea as Hugh Jackman walks by. He asked “Hey you want to play Wolverine one more time?” and Hugh replied with a simple. “Sure Ryan.” And just like that, the internet blew up. Better yet, we also have a date for the film. Deadpool 3 will be coming to fans on September 6th, 2024. Not only did we get this announcement, Ryan and Hugh put out another video simply teasing fans with a fake rundown of how Logan is still alive after the events of Logan. Watch the hilarious duo in the video below:

Are you all excited to see Hugh donning the claws again for Deadpool 3? Do you hope he actually wears the iconic suit, let us know down below?

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