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Craft your way Through the Apocalypse

Welcome to DEADCRAFT, developed by Marvelous Games and Published by XSEED Games. This game is a brand new title where you will fight, farm, and craft your way through survival in a world overrun by zombies. The year is 20XX and the main character that you play as is Reid.

Reid is half-human and half-zombie wander who is down on his luck after escaping his capture Nebron. This is where your journey starts.


DEADCRAFT to keep it short and sweet is a zombie apocalypse game heavily built around crafting and managing resources. In my initial first Impressions I spent the better part of seven hours hacking and slashing away at zombies, scavenging resources, crafting, completing side missions for fellow friends, and making sure Reid is kept up to tip top shape by managing your food, water, and energy levels.

Another unique feature is that since Reid is half human and half zombie, this is also another part that you have to manage as well. Depending on your zombie or humanity levels will grant you certain abilities and trade off.

DEADCRAFT Captured on Xbox Series S

For example. If Reid is teetring towards more on the zombie side, Reid will become stronger with his attacks but be weaker to damage. Which is the opposite for when Reid is more human. You will be weaker but are able to withstand more damage from your foes. But fill up your Zombie meter all the way and Reid becomes a zombie till your meter balances out. You will walk sluggish like a zombie, scare the local town folks and even not be able to carry out conversations.

Finding the perfect balance between the human side and zombie side of your character is key to survival. On top of managing your food and water levels, Reid has a Energy bar too. Every action you do depletes Reid’s energy. Once depeleted Reid needs to rest to regain his energy or consume food and drinks to help replenish it. If not you will take damage for every action afterwards leading to Reid’s untimely death.



Crafting is another huge part of DEADCRAFT. You will learn all types of items that you can craft. From the weapons you carry, to items to help clean your water supply, to even your own zombie companions that will fight alongside you. You will spend a chunk of time gathering resources. On top of crafting there is also the ability to plant and grow your own food too. Items that you can grow can even be mixed with Zombie blood or what the game calls “Ziblood” to enhance your zombie abilities in further for a certain amount of time. Here is also where you will grow your own zombie companions as well.

Crafting in DEADCRAFT

The Journey Onwards

Through your time in DEADCRAFT you will come across all kinds of characters that will give you an assortment of missions. Alongside your main objectives, there are tons of side missions that you can gather from the inhabitants of the town as well as an objective board that refreshes each day of in-game time to allow you to obtain more resources and experience as well. Which you can spend to unlock an assortment of different abilities or learn how to craft certain items to help you along the way.

Wacky Characters


So far I am enjoying my time in DEADCRAFT. You can even check out the Livestream I did over on the LV1 Gaming YouTube channel here. There is still so much to do in this game and I am liking a lot of what this game has to offer that I feel like I have just scratched the surface. Although I do have some gripes with the mission management where you can only have one active side mission and board mission at the same time. There are a lot of times when I wish I could have grabbed multiple side missions or board missions and completed them all in one go. Versus me having to backtrack every time I complete an objective to allow myself to go on to the next task.

Combat is simple and easy to get into. DEADCRAFT is your standard top-down hack and slash game. There is the ability to craft guns as well. But I have only crafted the Pistol so far and found it much better to use my ole Rusty Knife to dispatch my foes with.

DEADCRAFT was played on both my Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both systems performed well on each platform. Granted, DEADCRAFT isn’t really a game you play for the graphics. I’m still digging the wacky cell-shaded graphic style they went with.

Stay tuned for our full review of DEADCRAFT in the coming weeks and as always, keep all of your gaming news right here at LV1 Gaming!

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