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Back in 2014 we saw the announcement of the sequel to the Zombie classic Dead Island unveiled at E3 with a due date in 2015. With the benefit of hindsight we know the history of the game was rockyy to say the least it went through many studio changes and developmental nightmares. Eventually a studio took on the project and for the first time in years gave us still looking forward to it hope. The game got a release date before being delayed again then after years of waiting a ndwondering if this game would ever see the light of day Dead Island 2 had gone gold and now the game is finally here.

Dead Island 2 is in the hands of Dambuster Studios now and they’ve finally given us the sequel to the popular and cult classic Techland title. In addition to quality of life improvements over the years we have a brand new gore system at play and it pushes the amount of gore and viscera to a whole new level. The Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids or FLESH system takes what was normal zombie killing action to the extreme. If you want to see an example of this in action below is a look from a copy of the game running on Xbox Series X. *Caution* though as the new feature is pretty brutal so be advised before watching.

The games mew FLESH system

As we see when the game lets you start your zombie murdering it is as brutal and gore filled as any rival games out there. From what I have experienced so far it seems like a lot of work has been put into the game as it looks fantastic and plays really well. For me so far this game has been worth the wait although that could change as I get further into the experince.

Dead Island 2 – It’s Here And Here’s How It Plays

In Dead Island 2 we get a good look at the zombie hit Los Angeles, and the world we get plunged into looks really good. If I was going to pick fault visually it’s that we have no reflections in mirrors of our characters which sucks a little as it is a 2023 game. To compare when we are in game and see Spider-Man Miles Morales with full ray tracing we see full reflections. However, It doesn’t ruin the experience for me and it’s been a issue in a few games over the years. For example The Order 1886 which came out in 2015 has no character models in mirrors even though that game is still a visual masterpiece. The game itself feels fluid and it lets you play your way so if you want to be sneaky and use traps to even the odds you can or if you want to rush in and swing there’s options for you.

After a few hours I have found it is a generally well constructed game. It won’t win Game of the Year or really be able to compete with games in the calibre of Final Fantasy 16 or Hogwarts Legacy. Though even with that in mind we have a game which is fun and the few hours I’ve put in have absolutely flown by. More importantly I’ve had so much fun playing it and working out more creative ways to remove the zombie threat around the LA streets.

Have you had the chance to dive into Dead Island 2? Did you ever play the original game? Stay tuned for a full review and more from Lv1 Gaming!

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