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I think it’s safe to say that Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the biggest hits to CD Projekt Red’s reputation. While the game was ambitious, many felt it was under-optimized and with many bugs, it would affect gameplay. But on next-gen consoles, it was more stable but not what many were hoping. But teased in a tweet yesterday, CD PR announced a stream for the Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen patch.

So the fact of the announcement of the stream came before many noticed optimization badges on the Xbox Series X and S. This seems to have been an accident due to some areas may have gotten the Store update early. As of today on their official Twitch channel, they confirmed the official 1.5 patch. In this patch, it hosts a slew of updates from QoL to game-changing. But the major impact is that it includes the next-gen update.

Overhauled Perks and Throwing Knives.

So one of the first revealed and the biggest change was a complete overhaul of Perk system. This was actually due to many perks not getting utilized and not allowing for the dynamic in gameplay that the team was trying to make. It forced many into a particular style of play so they wanted to update this. One of the things they did was to completely rework the perks. Along with the amount of reworking to the perks upon loading the game after the update; players will be prompted to be able to reimburse their perks.

The changes allow for more freedom of play styles as now players no longer have to hide. If they wish to run and gun and be aggressive the perks are more approachable for that.

Along with the perk tree overhaul they also added in throwing knives. And the way that they will work is that they will work on a cooldown. With higher rarity knives having a faster cooldown. But along with a cooldown players can run over and pick up their knives to be able to use them again immediately.

But also to make combat feel more responsive and overall better, they updated the AI for NPC enemies. They are now smart with how they will attack and approach the player.

Quality of Life Changes:

Changes to Driving:

So along with updating AI to be more responsive in combat; they’ve also been improved to react to the world. They demonstrated how when shots are made that people will actually run and the crowds won’t despawn after three steps. As well as showing that there are some random NPCs who may have weapons and will open fire. Not only will some NPCs attack you, but it is also now possible for NPCs to attack other NPCs. So setting up the potential to cause more chaos with different groups.

Another small Quality of life change was to vehicles. Many players complained that driving felt super stiff, unresponsive. Was not fun at all and the cars didn’t handle properly. There was a lack of ability to really drift or burn out. And especially that driving in first person was the worst and felt like a chore.

Now with improved handling and Vehicle models, driving feels more natural, responsive and overall better. Now players will not feel like they are too low in their cars. As well as with an improved feeling of vision to help with immersion. It is a much better sensation and experience compared to what was previously in-game. Along with now players can burnout with both Motorcycles and cars, you can take off in style.

Along with the improved reactions from NPCs on foot there was also an improvement to their driving AI. When there are gunshots, citizens will now PANIC, and do what they can to getaway. This will cause them to crash into other vehicles and even drive on the sidewalks and over pedestrians.

Changes to UI and Convos:

Another of the several quality of life changes that was added was a small tweak to the time pass UI. Now instead of having an awkward wait time based on hours; it was changed to an actual clock that can be used to easily determine when players need to wait till. This helps to know exactly when players will be waiting until.

CDPR also implemented to conversations with Fixers. Now when players increase their street cred it will show the number of unlocked gigs with each fixer. Giving more feedback on how many gigs they have access to and how far they’ve come.

There were also changes to calls and conversations in general. If a player receives a call they were unable to decline it. Now they will have the ability to deny calls and be able to get calls again later. Same when in regards to jobs from fixers. Now they will text reminders in regards to previous attempts to allow players to not be forced into anything.

And Lastly they expanded conversations with lover interests. Previously the amount of interaction and deepening of relationships with potential love interests were very limited. But now there is more opportunities to text and communicate with lovers in the game. As well as now there are even more increased opportunities at their home. As of now there may be the chance of steamy scenes or waking up with your love interest when sleeping at their home.

New DLCs:

Not only did they add all the quality of life changes, but the biggest thing was also they added three new DLCs to the game. While not significantly large additions they are still new small things.

New guns:

First off is the addition of new weapons. They added an assortment of new weapons to shopowners. Many with new looks and styles. However the most important change with this was an overhaul and rebalancing of the economy. Money is a lot more generous, and now items in the shop from weapons and armor aren’t super expensive. Now players don’t have to be super picky and feel like they are missing out.

New Apartments:

Second, was the addition of new apartments. There was some complaints that while the apartment was there, it felt unnecessary. Many were wanting to ability to potentially find different places. Well now there are now an additional four new apartments for V to purchase. With each new apartment having a distinctive style and area, it gives more places to use as a base. But it also allows for more potential immersion, whether players wanna live as a street kid in Japantown; or as a Corpo living in Corpo Plaza it adds a nice touch.

Plus not only are players to purchase new apartments but also change the colors and styles of them with an in game renovator to change the look. Along with this is also the fix of stashes for palyers. So now all stashes are connected so any guns the player saves will be accessible from all hideouts and from all trunks. So there is no more looking for specific cars or apartments.

New Character Customization:

And the third and final addition is new customization options. Now players are able to add more depth to their customization for their version of V. With new styles of makeup and hair style and a new assortment of colors for hair a some new hairstyles. Players can access this from the mirror in their apartment or when creating a new character.

All the details are quickly viewable below:

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5

The 1.5 update came out yesterday shortly after the stream. Along with the update, the game is also a free to try out with the next gen updates. You can get a 5 hour demo to play and you can transfer your save over to the full game. Once you start the 5 hours, they will be available for over 30 days.

For those interested they can read the full patch notes here. So tell us are you looking forward to playing the Cyberpunk 2077 next-gen version?

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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