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Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn brings an unholy amount of new content, including New Game+, a fresh storyline, and Three Penitences to the action-platformer title. Team17 and The Game Kitchen are expanding the world of brutal action-platformer Blasphemous with the launch of Stir of Dawn. Free downloadable content delivering significant features and a New Game+ mode called ‘New Torment’ to the game.
The DLC is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Stir of Dawn’s introduction of New Torment unlocks a new story branch. As a result, it sees the player’s journey to defeat the five Amanecidas since Laudes – an ancient creation of the Miracle – has been awoken to challenge The Penitent One. Additionally, Stir of Dawn also brings forth new items and executions for players to utilize, and new areas to battle through. Furthermore, the is a new map system, updated voiceovers (including full Spanish VO), and other significant tweaks to the gameplay.Blasphemous Players of the New Torment mode can choose from one of Three Penitences, each of which drastically changes the gameplay experience:
  • Unwavering Faith is aimed at players who want to use magic. Featuring regenerating fervour to execute special moves – which is lost when hit – and sword damage being slashed in half.
  • Bleeding Heart introduces a more classic gaming experience. Importantly, featuring a set of stocks instead of a life bar (to which everything deals one stock of damage), with enemies also respawning when entering rooms
  • True Guilt is a Penitence that sees players lose maximum fervour when they die, at which point Tears of Atonement – the in-game ‘currency’ – are placed in a fragment. If another death is encountered before the fragment is retrieved, those Tears are lost for good. On top of it, flasks cannot be used to recover. Alternatively, they grant The Penitent One fervour.

Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn key features:

  • Experience a new level of torment: Those who have completed the main campaign can take on a higher level of difficulty as part of the ‘New Game+’ New Torment mode. Additionally, it also includes the brand new story content that all players are receiving.
  • Greater variety of gameplay options: Three different playstyles are available in New Torment through the all-new Penitence system. Which offers tantalizing rewards for those that can handle the handicaps that come with them.
  • Overcome new challenging bosses: Go forth on a journey to defeat the five Amanecidas. While encountering new characters including Jibrael and Nacimiento along the way
  • Be more brutal: The counterattack mechanic has been improved and seven new executions have been added. Without a doubt, keeping combat impactful.
  • A more balanced Blasphemous: Enemies have been adjusted, new animations added, and players can now even pet the dog.
  • Get around Cvstodia in new ways: Travel is made easier for The Penitent One with further additions like a new map system and more warp points.
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