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After several years away a famous writer returns. Alan Wake 2 heralds the return of the titular character. Though this game sees a few changes from the very original that recently saw a revival in Alan Wake Remastered. For one we have a change of genre. In the new release, we see a shift to survival horror. That’s not all, we also see a new character that’s playable. This is the FBI agent Saga Anderson. For those wondering if the original game is needed fear not. It’s not essential to play the original or even the DLC American Nightmare. However, personally, I recommend it plus for me, the original is a fantastic experience.

The official website tells us that from the events of the original game, Alan Wake went missing in 2010. We fast forward to 2023 and according to the official description, Saga Anderson takes the lead. She’s arrived to “investigate ritualistic murders in a small town”. Somehow her events are connected to Alan Wake.

How Alan Wake 2 Plays

After a few hours of playing the game, I have some idea of the game. It feels very different to play compared to the original but is familiar at the same time. The flashlight mechanic still remains. However, Saga has a mind palace to piece together clues. Visually the game looks amazing and Remedy has done a fantastic job. The audio and voice capture is high quality as well. Music can increase in intensity when the game matches similar moments. Going back to gameplay we have a vibe in terms of combat similar to Resident Evil 2 remake. This while retaining what makes Alan Wake Alan Wake. Overall I’m really impressed with what I’ve played of the game so far. Also, all footage is captured in Xbox Series X in quality mode.

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