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5 Really Good Anime To Watch On Hulu

So you need some good anime to watch on Hulu, well this is the article for you. There’s plenty to watch of the well-known streaming service Hulu additionally a lot of anime and to be honest not every anime on Hulu is good. However, there are some really good ones that people should definitely watch. This is a list of 5 really good anime to watch on Hulu.  

First, let me start off by saying I do not mean the live-action adaptation, it’s awful don’t watch that. Now that that’s out of the way, DeathNote is a well-known Shonen Jump series that follows the story of Light Yagami as he finds a notebook that can kill people by writing their names in it. The best way for me to describe the series as a whole is a comparison to a very intricate game of chess between Light and the many investigators, constantly trying to outmaneuver each other through well thought out planning. DeathNote is a good anime to watch when you want something a bit more serious in tone.


   Megalobox is about an underground boxer simply named Joe as he fights in boxing matches against opponents using complex augmented gear to help them box. This show is a classic throwback to older anime having an aesthetic feel of ’90s anime. Megalobox is great for when you want to watch the story of an underdog rising to the top. With great visual aesthetics, music, and blood pumping boxing this show is a great way to experience a modern classic.


One-Punch Man
In a world full of dangerous monsters that threaten the very existence of humanity there stands a man willing to sacrifice life and limb to protect it or he would if he didn’t kill everything in one punch. Saitama a hero for fun has become far too powerful to truly gain any satisfaction from his hero work. Watch as he encounters eccentric heroes and villains while saving the world. One-Punch Man has many great action scenes and many other great moments surrounding the side characters and is well worth the watch.  

Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop is a true anime classic from the 90s that has held the test of time itself.  Follow series protagonist Spike Spiegel a space-faring bounty hunter barely making ends meet in a mostly episodic adventure. Watch as Spike’s mysterious past is slowly revealed to us the viewers.  With great music, visuals, characters, stories, and overall atmosphere Cowboy Bebop is a must-watch for anyone looking for a truly great anime.

Yu Yu Hakusho
Another blast from the past Yu Yu Hakusho is an action-packed supernatural wild ride.  Watch Yusuke Urameshi becomes a spirit detective and fights demons to save the world. The series is very well written with great fights and action additionally Yu Yu Hakusho is held in high regard by many anime fans.  A true Shonen Jump legend of a show that is a must was by action fans of all kinds.


Parting words

  This was a list of 5 really good anime to watch on Hulu. Each of these anime has many great aspects to them each unique to themselves. Watch these and more on Hulu. For more of my other work, you find me here.  

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