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Well, we are halfway through the year, and the games are still going to hit thick and fast. So as we prepare for a potentially exciting close to the 2023 game offerings I thought let’s look at what we had so far. We’ve had some outstanding titles and personally one of the best years’ gaming selections. Though I wondered where to start as I’ve had some games both on the bigger budget side and smaller budget side I enjoyed.

Now A Personal Pick Of The 2023 Game Offerings

We have a few games launched this year. We’ve had the hotly anticipated sequel to Breath of the Wild launch. We also saw finally The Lord of The Rings: Gollum and Dead Island 2. From the start of the year, until we hit 2024, we have some big names to play. So let’s start looking at what 2023 game offerings we have out now.

Final Fantasy XVI

The latest in the iconic franchise and one I’m playing currently. I posted my thoughts on the demo recently here. As I’ve progressed a few hours further I have not been let down. In fact, the game has exceeded my expectations. If it continues the form, I will have a personal contender for the game of the year.

Dead Island 2

It took nearly a decade from the original reveal and a very troubled history to release. However, the long-awaited sequel to the Techland original is here. For me, it may not win a game of the year but what it did offer was so much fun. If you want to know more about what thought check out the review here.

Resident Evil 4

The original was one of my favorite games. So naturally a full remake would be on my radar. Thankfully Capcom delivered and for me gave a near-perfect remake. They took what was there and gave a darker tone but kept for me what made the original special. A stunning location and sequences and story. We also have a list of changes for those really interested in what Capcom offered to update the original

I could probably list a few more games. I was enjoying the Police Officers: Patrol Simulator game. Though some other notable games include Hogwarts Legacy, Jedi Survivor, and Layers of Fear. Games to come I found so many to look forward to.

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