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Final Fantasy 16 went gold in April, well ahead of its scheduled release date. The full game will be released on June 22nd, which is only a few days away at the time of writing. Square Enix gave the game its own showcase as part of this year’s Summer of Gaming. This event took the form of a pre-launch celebration. It was also a lengthy event, lasting more than four hours. If you want to watch the team’s celebration event, you can find it here.

One thing we heard prior to this celebration was the news of a demo. So we got the official confirmation during the pre-launch celebration showcase. The demo is also now available for download, taking up just under 19 GB of your hard drive. This demo also includes the first couple of hours of the full game, and your demo data can be transferred to the full game. So, while I waited for the demo to see if this game was for me, I downloaded and played it. The demo footage is shown below to show what we can expect when Final Fantasy 16 is released.

Final Fantasy 16 Demo Gameplay

So visually I feel it looks impressive. Also, any questions I had about combat were answered as I found it very smooth and clean and very easy to pick up. It does a good job of explaining all the gameplay mechanics.

Final Fantasy 16

Naturally, it’s only a taster of what to expect from the full release. Though have you had a chance to test the demo? Will this influence your decision to buy the game or not? As always we love to hear your thoughts. So why not get in touch and share those thoughts with us?

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