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It’s important to note that a new installment of Final Fantasy is on the horizon. However, this is not the much-anticipated second part of the seventh game’s remake. Rather, the sixteenth game is slated to be released this summer. The release date and estimated length of Final Fantasy XVI are already known, and the latest trailer, called World of Valisthea, showcases how the game is making the most of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5. It appears that the game is shaping up to be an incredible experience upon its release on June 22.

As we have seen with other games, delays can occur even when the release date is close. The PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 experienced a minor delay, Jedi Survivor was postponed briefly, and Atlas Fallen was pushed back until August. Fans were informed last year that Final Fantasy XVI was in its final development stages, and it was initially expected to be released by now. However, it was eventually given a release date, and we now have confirmation of that date.

So Has The Launch Of Final Fantasy XVI Joined Others In Being Delayed

Well we have confirmation from the developers that fear not, the game is likely to meet it’s June launch. In fact that launch is pretty much set in stone thanks to an announcement on Twitter.

So development has been wrapped up. That’s just under three months away Meaning the team behind the game have a good period of time to polish up and make sure what we see in the Summer is the best end product we can get. So are you excited for the upcoming instalment in this classic series? As always why not get in touch and share your thoughts.

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