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White shoes have exploded in popularity. So, I have 10 more shoes I’m going to give that are easy to find that you can wear instead of the white Air Force 1. I’ll try not to hurt your pockets. Also, if you missed Part 1 of this series go give it a read first.

Adidas Stan Smith

First up is the Adidas Stan Smith. Debuting in 1963, this shoe has been around a long time, and they have not lost their luster. Now, you go with the classic white with green accents or just rock the all-white. Either way, picking up the Adidas Stan Smith is an excellent choice!

Reebok Club C

Next up, Reebok Club C. A classic tennis shoe with a significant look, and it’s easy to pick up. This tennis shoe with a vintage presence will keep you stylish, and it will not break your pockets at prices between $54.99-$79.99. You can get the classic white, off-white, or white/gum bottom. Also, they are easy to find in Kohl’s,, Finishline, and some other retailers.

Nike Blazer ‘77

The next one is shoe that is rising in popularity is Nike Blazer. Higher in price, but it’s easy to find. You can choose with the Mid or Low version. Footlocker, Nike, or Eastbay to pick these up

Puma Clyde

These shoes are as stylish as the man it’s named after. The Puma Clyde is a perfect white shoe to have in your collection. named after NBA Hall Of Fame Point Guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier, this shoe is just wonderful. The white leather is so nice and that low-top sneaker you can wear casual or dress casual.

Tumbled Slip On

Well, we are back at it again with the White Vans Slip-On. The shoe in the picture is the leather version of a slip-on white shoe. If you don’t want leather, the canvas is an excellent alternative, and you can also grab these with a perforated leather upper too. Back at it again with the white vans, yes we are back to it with fine choice.

Air Max 95

You need comfort, this shoe has you covered. You like 90s fashion again, this shoe has you covered. I present to you one of my FAVORITE shoes, the Nike Air Max 95. So comfortable, so stylish, and such a good-looking shoe. You cannot go wrong with these.

Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs… Yes, that’s right, Crocs. You can wear them as a clog or put them in “sports mode” when things get serious. They are convenient and with Fall right around the corner you can go with the option that has the Grey fur on the inside.

Air Force 1 Mid

Well, it’s not the Air Force 1 low, but it’s all white, it has the same cushion, and that mid-top strap is iconic too. Air Force 1 Mid in all white is a can’t miss and one of the best white shoes ever created. In my youth, I had to have a pair, and they are still a must-have.

Air Max 90

One of the original air max Nike Running shoes and an iconic silhouette, I give you the Air Max 90. All white leather, check. Air Max cushion, check. A shoe that looks good no matter what, double-check. Listen, if you’ve never had one of these in your collection, you need to add it to your collection.

Reebok Question

Now we are down to the last shoe, and I’m choosing the Reebok Question. Two different white variants, White and Pure Grey and White and Clear sole. I own both and for me, they were the shoe of the summer. White and Grey just work together, and white with the clear sole are just gorgeous to look at. or

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This is my part 2 of 10 shoes you can wear other than the all-white Air Force 1 low. Did I leave any other white shoes off this list? What should add get at me on Twitter @HEISKELLBRANDYN and let’s talk. Check out this review of the Anime Shadow House

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