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Over, the past three years the white Air Force 1s Lo has been extremely popular. So the shoe that made its debut in 1982 designed by Bruce Kilgore has been a staple in the sneaker culture forages. The shoe reached its peak in the early 2000s when Nelly and St. Lunatics released the hit song “Air Force 1’s.” A few years ago I noticed that the shoes’ popularity rose again and that can make them very difficult to purchase. So that is where I come in I’m going to give you 10 white shoes you can wear other than the Air Force 1 low that will keep your Footwear fresh.

  1. Adidas Superstar

Do you want a shoe with a classic look and a shoe that has stood the test of time? Then the Adidas Superstar aka Adidas Shell Toe is the sneaker for you because like the Air Force 1 it looks good with almost any outfit. White leather, Adidas branding on the tongue, and the white shell toe make this shoe an excellent alternative.

2. Kswiss Classic.

One of the finest white shoes you can buy! You can select the Kswiss Classic 2000, Kswiss Classic Heritage VN, or Kswiss Classic VN. This shoe is easy to find and won’t break your pockets. It’s old school, but it’s classic and looks great. is the best place to find these.

  1. Reebok Classic.

Reebok Classic is a can’t miss with a white sneaker. Much like the two shoes above and the Air Force 1, it’s made of all white leather and if you choose to add a splash of color, you can get these with a bit of gray. Reebok’s website is where you can find these if they aren’t available at a footlocker.

4. Nike Court Vision.

  1. If the top three are your style, and you want, that’s has a a comparable look to the Air Force 1 this is shoe is the best option. Nike Court Vision is very similar to Air Force 1 and won’t hurt your pockets with a $64.99 price point. Easy to find because they are available at most Famous Footwear’s, DSW’s, and Rack Room Shoes.
  2. Air Force 1 White/Black.

I know it’s not the all-white colorway but if you want the Air Force 1 you can’t go wrong with this shoe. The black swoosh adds a little bit of flavor to the Air Force 1 and the colorway is still neutral so can style it with just about any outfit. or are your go-to websites for this shoe.

  1. Nike Air Max ‘97

One of my favorites and a stylish-looking shoe. I love these! Extra comfortable with a full-length Air Max cushion. The white leather and meshwork well together on this style of Air Max. Now, it’s the most expensive shoe on this list, but it’s worth it.

  1. Converse All Star Chuck Taylor.

Can’t miss this one! Chuck Taylors are an all-time classic, and they have never gone out of style. This is the cheapest shoe on this list and like the court vision easy to find because a lot of stores carry this style. The canvas is a little harder to clean but as long as you have an excellent protector and good cleaner you’re good to go.

  1. Vans Ward

Another canvas shoe, and it’s a wonderful selection. Won’t hurt your pockets, looks good, and just like a few of the others, it’s easy to find. Vans is a great brand with noble quality!

  1. Nike Air Force 1 High.

Is it all white, yes? Is it the Air Force 1, yes. Is it the low top, no it’s not, but it’s the OG. If you know you understand why this is on the list and if you don’t get a pair, and you’ll be happy with these. Padded collars around the ankle and the air unit in the heel. It’s the same tech that’s in the low.

  1. Puma RS-X

Puma has improved their styles, and this one caught my eye and I love the looks of this shoe. It has that bulky design to it, with mesh and leather on the upper. It uses puma retro running tech for the cushion. Most shoe stores have this, but is the best place to find these.

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These were 10 all-white shoes I selected other than the Air Force 1. Did I miss anything because I know there are many great shoes out there? Let me know on Twitter @HeiskellBrandyn and check out my other article about sneakers inspired by comic book characters

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