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This summer has been fantastic for anime fans. Seasons of various anime have returned, cons have resumed, and we had the opportunity to purchase some anime sneakers. Jordan Brand released a few Naruto shoes with the Zion Williamson signature, Asics chose Naruto and released a Kakashi and Akatsuki version of their Gel-Lyte shoe, and Vans released a variety of Sailor Moon shoes. I’m going to share my thoughts on these sneakers with you.

Jordan X Naruto 

I understand that Zion Williamson’s injury limited his playing time, but The Zion 1 received favorable reviews and was the shoe Jordan Brand utilized to promote its partnership with Naruto. Being completely honest, I was not impressed at all and thought Jordan Brand should have done more to highlight how iconic Naruto is. However, if you had told me in 2004 when I first discovered Naruto that Jordan would ultimately release some shoes with an anime theme, I would have been pleased. The three colorways are:


Madara Six Paths:

Kurama Rage:

The Asics Gel-Lyte III and Asics Gel-1130 were the next pair of footwear that Asics provided to three distinct Naruto Shippuden characters. Compared to the Naruto X Jordan sneakers, these seem better. One of my favorite Asics models is the Gel-Lyte 3, and even though I haven’t worn them, I’m confident in their comfort. I adore the colors and the way each character is depicted on these:




Vans came through and killed it with the Sailor Moon collection. Using various styles all the main characters of that series got some shine. Sailor Moon, The Sailor Scouts, and Luna and Artemis. I was able to see these in person and from the box to the paper in the boxes Vans did an excellent job with these. You can still grab a few of these from the Vans website and YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR SAILOR MOON SHOE!

As an anime fan I’m glad to see more of this stuff coming out and as I’m writing this Clark’s is putting together a Pikachu-inspired shoe/boot so I know more of this stuff will come out. Let me know your thoughts because I’d love to talk sneakers and anime with y’all.

 Also, if you are looking for some all-white sneakers besides the AF1 Lows, check out this article.

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