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June 9th and June 12th are quickly approaching. For many of us, those dates cannot come soon enough as Summer Game Fest kicks off with the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase as the headliner. With this excitement comes one thing that will irritate us all: Fake Gaming News!

One of my favorite songs by rapper Yo Gotti “errrbody” sums up gaming social media and forums. In particular, when he says “Errbody need to be they self, Errbody famous, ain’t no regular people left”. This line means so much as people are desperately seeking attention and validation by posting fake images, fake lists, and anything else to gain the attention of others. The “Trust Me Bro” post attracts a lot of attention because people are so desperate for gaming news that anything seems to satisfy their cravings.

Here are some pro-tips to spot a fake like the image seen below:

  1. There is an image of the supposed list of games to be shown at an angle.
    • Let’s be real, if you had the time to break into someone’s office who just happened to have this list laying around, then you have time to take a clear picture at an upright angle.
  2. It’s a long list of only big AAA games.
    • Every game’s show will have its moments filled with smaller titles and game updates. To think you will have a 90-minute plus event with nothing but AAA is a pipe dream. Trust me when I say, this list are ALWAYS some BS.
  3. Uknown Sources
    • It’s rare that someone out of the blue is able to get a hold of such information. Believe me when I say the random person on 4-chan is just seeking attention. If he gets even one thing right on that random list of games, he/she will feel validated. Remember even a broken clock is wrong twice a day.

This time of year, the phrase “take this with a grain of salt” should be standard. In addition to showing some patience. Those in the games industry are working hard to put together a fantastic presentation for us to experience. Sitting back and waiting to find out what we’ll be enjoying is just a part of it that everyone must accept. Let’s not make any more people famous on the internet because of a lucky guess or two. Let’s enjoy the Summer Game Fest and the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase when they happen, rather than trying to force all gaming news to emerge ahead of time.

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