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It’s likely best I start this off with an explanation. When saying “no one played the Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC” I do not mean literally anyone. Obviously, there were thousands, including myself who has. Explanations like this said early on are important because the internet can be a very strange place.

The Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC released In December of 2020 with what at the time seemed like a lot of excitement from Gears and Xbox fans. For those who do not know, this DLC is a direct prequel to the Gears of War: Hivebusters comic book series, and follows the origin story of Scorpio Squad, an ad-hoc team of commandos who embark on suicide missions to combat the threat of the Locust Swarm by infiltrating and sabotaging their Hives through the use of lethal toxins. Being introduced to some new characters along with some of the best visuals in gaming this DLC should have been a hit with gamers following the Gears 5 main campaign. However, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect somewhere with it. I can even admit, upon its release I planned to play it on day one as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. In spite of having instant access to it, I did not play it until this month and I was met with a shocking revelation. Not a lot of gamers actually played it.

Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC

If you are still reading and are wondering how I came to this conclusion, the answer is very simple. The very first achievement that you receive at the beginning of the DLC for simply just playing the game is a rare achievement. And although I absolutely love the rare achievement sounds I was completely taken by surprise to hear it within the first 15 minutes or so of playing. For those unaware, an achievement on Xbox is rare if less than 10% of all players (who have started that game) have gotten it. And thanks to sites like True Achievements, you can see that every single achievement for the Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC for right now is a rare achievement.

This has to be demoralizing for developers at The Coalition who worked extremely hard on this DLC. And to be completely honest, I am about 30 minutes away from completing myself and it is really good. Is it world-beating “OMG” good? No, but it does provide approximately 4 hours of fun for those who want more from the Gears franchise. Although it can be seen as an overreaction due to the main campaign of Gears 5 not having this same issue, it does lead me to wonder if fans are beginning to be over Gears as a franchise.

Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC

Has the popular franchise run its course? Gears of War has been a staple in the Xbox ecosystem since the Xbox 360. With amazing visuals for its time and an addicting multiplayer, Gears was the “It” franchise for a long time. However, its popularity seems to have decreased since the developer change from Epic to The Coalition when Microsoft bought the Gears IP back in 2014.

With a very dedicated multiplayer fan base, the problem could very well just be campaign fatigue. Again, this could very well be an over-exaggeration because we are talking about the “failure” of the DLC, not the main campaign. This could be a good time for the Coalition to put a pause on the franchise for a while and work on something new. This gives the gamers some time to miss the franchise and create excitement for its return. Either way, one of the if not the only story DLC this franchise will ever see should not have been this unsuccessful in terms of people simply not playing it. Something went wrong, but what?

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5 thoughts on “Why Did No One Play The Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC?

  1. DonZeb says:

    I guess the biggest reason why most players have not played it is because it’s only included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, while the rest of Gears 5 is in Game Pass. What I mean by that is there must be a small minority of Game Pass subscribers who are subbing to GP Ultimate, specifically. That way most players would not have played the DLC for no adicional cost. At least in my country, Brazil, the DLC was barely marketed at all, with some people in twitter mentioning they only first heard of the DLC on the day of release, so there’s that.

    Plus, it wasn’t marketed a lot, so I guess many players did not hear of it at all. Also, it’s a DLC of a year old game by the time it released, so this might have an influence in it. If it were like a 20$ separate game, it would have had more visibility and more players for sure.

  2. PiZee55 says:

    not surprise, just like this comment section…

  3. andrewsqual says:

    Proof yet again that actual current game pass users right now is small. That 18 million number is the amount of people who have tried game pass for at least 1 second the past 4 years of its life since June 2017.

    Gears 5 itself only had 3 million total players a week after its launch. That’s when you take into account every single physical/digital sale on Xbone, digital sales on Windows store, Steam including Windows 7 users AND the 10 million game pass subscribers on Windows and Xbone that Xbots claimed there were back then.

    Xbox and its userbase prove time and time again that they won’t support games when they launch. And remember, Gears 5 is the pinnacle of Xbone. It was the last overly hyped up AAA game for the console that isn’t a biannual sports racing game.

    And yet it was just another cartoony unreal engine 4 Gears game with animations STILL literally copy and pasted over directly from the 2006 original 360 game. Animations such as basic things like walk cycles, movement, aiming, even the enemies dying animations and they are completely different race since the first game lol. That’s the best Xbox had last gen and it still didn’t do impressive numbers whatsoever.

  4. Alistein says:

    I disagree. The reason is simply because the game is included in the GEARS 5. For you to find it you must first download GEARS 5 and then go into the GEARS 5 menu and then another section for updates. It’s thesame to play it. It’s just cumbersome and unless you know you’d never discover it. It should have been put in the store as a stand alone so that you can at least see it listed.

  5. Alistein says:

    Not true. Otherwise we could easily say all the big numbers of 20 million and up for games like SOT, and FORZA were actual paid copies. Many DLCs do fine in Gamepass if they are well highlighted. The fact you spewed all this makes it obvious either you don’t have it or use the service cos anyone that has played HIVE BUSTERS will tell you how cumbersome it was to locate. If it was a stand alone and highlighted as a separate download from GEARS 5 it would be boasting strong numbers after all OUTRIDERS which was a similar kind of game did fine.

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