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While scrolling YouTube for a trailer I came across a video of a survival game. It belonged to a franchise that has been a radio broadcast, movie adaptations, and TV show adaptations. It’s even had a musical production for it. The story was originally by HG Wells back in 1895 so any Sci-Fi fan knows immediately the franchise I’m talking about is War Of The Worlds. Now the tripods are back in an upcoming survival game. It’s a game that goes to the top of my list to say the genre is worth it. It’s a story that for as long as I can remember have been fascinated with. I spent some of my final time with my Dad watching films as a kid. The 1953 version of this story was one such film.

So we have a couple of videos of the upcoming War of the Worlds game. The first is a video called New Survival Gameplay Highlights. It tells of some of the changes made to the game as of last year. We see a nod to the original story as well as the recent film adaptation starring Tom Cruise. The fact a Tripod and probe can hear you via a headset microphone really adds to the tension, especially in a co-op setting. The probe from the tripods is fully physics-based and will with its procedural AI randomly search buildings, and break through doors.

There is so much going on and watching some of those highlights we see how terrifying a survival game it is. I am really impressed by this and really look forward to seeing how this progresses. Early access should hopefully be available soon as it will launch in early access on Steam.

What Else We Know About War Of The Worlds

Thankfully, FlipSwitch Games seem to be regularly updating fans with video updates and some are lengthy. The newest update will be found below. They also have a Patreon you can find here. Some screenshots can be found here.

Furthermore, the Steam listing states this about the game.

War of The Worlds is a hardcore horror survival game that throws you into the extermination of man kind. Survive a week in an open world while avoiding giant alien machines that will exterminate you on sight. Avoid demise from dehydration or starving by scavenging and looting for food, resources and other tools to aid your survival in an alien invasion apocalypse. Watch the military’s measly attempts to fights back. Commandeer military vehicles to fight back. The extraterrestrials are not the only threat. Other humans may try to rob you from your resources, vehicle or your life. Multiplayer delivers a unique experience allowing you to pick a side, humans or aliens. As the aliens, your goal is to exterminate all humans, harvest their blood, and fertilize the earth with it. As team humans, your goal is to be the last man or group standing and out live the aliens long enough to fight back and find a way to bring them down. Will you survive the war?

So looking at a lot of this, I’m really looking forward to it launching. I’m hoping also we see a port to consoles as well.

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