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Wherever you go in gaming you can’t escape a certain Rockstar franchise. The Grand Theft Auto series or as we commonly call it GTA is big. One example is about a decade after its original launch, GTA 5 is still selling copies making it an annual global success. So much so it’s been remastered not once but twice for what is its third console generation. Though the series was a success before that. It will likely continue with the next game which is likely to be GTA 6. However, it can’t ignore the foundations, look at GTA 4, and before that GTA 3 and the spin-offs like GTA Vice City.

GTA Vice City as we told you was back in the news the other day. Not for any quality-of-life changes or updates to the remastered release in GTA Trilogy collection. No, in fact, Curtis Jackson more famously known as 50 Cent, posted on Instagram a picture in the game’s font and color scheme talking about Vice City. So let’s see what the current situation is with the project.

50 Cent’s Vice City What We Know

The post he put up is indeed the title of the show. However, in a twist, it is not connected to the GTA franchise at all. He later took the post down and Deadline has some news on this TV show. The title we have is a working title and will be about a trio of former soldiers from Miami. It is also set in the mid-’80s and these soldiers are “being dishonorably discharged from the military for their involvement in the Iran Contra scandal”. So it seems after all this it’s nothing to do with GTA at all. Or will it turn out Rockstar has some say after all?

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