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Just over two years ago a new survival game Valheim launched. Valheim had just hit the Steam storefront and was a huge success. Even today it’s getting really strong reviews. Even with the player count is less than when it launched it’s still pulling in tens of thousands of players. This was just on Steam alone. Add the fact the PC version is also available via the Microsoft Store and on Game Pass the numbers could increase. We also have just seen a Valheim console launch though this is for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

So now we focus on the Valheim console ports. As of now, it’s playable on Xbox hardware and this was seemingly down to the fact Microsoft approached the games publisher Coffee Stain and PlayStation seemingly hasn’t. They were also focusing on the Xbox version for now which we all found out in a XEP podcast interview. However, we did hear them say you never know in regards to that PlayStation release. It wouldn’t be the first Xbox console exclusive to hit PlayStation. Look at Tunic and The Medium.

Could We Be Edging Closer To A Valheim Console Release On PlayStation Hardware

That is now looking all the more likely. A few sources have picked up on this story so let’s look at what’s been said. One article is by Twisted Voxel which is echoing what other sources are stating. This is that “according to an email sent out by Microsoft to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on the occasion of the launch of Valheim on its platform, the game is a timed console exclusive for the duration of 6 months, suggesting that it will arrive on PlayStation later on”. They also provide a screenshot of the email and I also check my email and yes that’s what it says. My screenshot can be seen below

So PlayStation fans could get the game around September. This will be a case of watching this space.

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