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The winner of the 2019 Cardboard Edison Awards Umbra Via has gotten a release date. March 17th, 2021 will be the day you can get your hand on this beautifully designed tabletop game.

In Umbra Via, players compete to control and complete the most cunning paths. Reach into your bag to select wooden flowers, then place them on your secret board in the order of the paths you want most. However, when players reveal their choices, things get delightfully tricky.

Just beyond the towering vines lies an ancient pathway into the unknown. Push back the thorn-riddled stocks to discover a clandestine garden, blooming with mysterious vigor. Vivid colors mark the way to intricate tiles zigging and zagging through the green. Within the flowers lies the key to greater meaning. An explanation for all things unknown…

How To Play The Game:

In the game, 2-4 players are trying to guide the missing pieces of their soul out of the shadows. You get to bid on tiles in an interesting two-part auction, then create snaking paths with tight area control elements.

The table presence of this game is also incredibly striking with dramatic paths. In addition to colorful wooden flowers in front of players. Artist Eddie Schillo did an amazing job with taking the black-and-white color scheme from the original prototype and really refining the whole experience with bright pops of color.

A Tabletop Simulator version of Umbra Via to help with social distancing! Tabletop Simulator / Rulebook

Pre-order Umbra Via today and dive into a world full of twists and turns.

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