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The Troublemakers demo focuses on a school where how well you fight determines your future success. You play as Budi who is the new transfer student and protagonist who had to move because he only solves problems with his fist. Troublemakers is an amalgamation of classic beat-’em-ups and modern action-adventure games. The first game to come to mind is Bully you are literally running around a campus fighting to be in the top spot. Developed by Gamecom Team and published by Freedom Games this title is slated to release sometime this year.

Troublemakers Demo Title Track Sets The Tone


Ready To Get Into Trouble! #Troublemaker @freedomgamesgg Demo Available now Via Steam

♬ original sound – Lv1 Gaming

The Troublemakers demo is currently available on the official Steam page. It took me around an hour to fight my way through the full demo. This is an amazing sign because I had a lot of fun in the world. And if the demo is an hour-long I imagine there will be plenty to do once the game launches. The world looks great for an indie title the Gamecom Team made great use of Unreal Engine 5.

Normally with action games, I avoid using a mouse and keyboard but I was able to keep up with no issues. The combat was engaging and fun even having a time dilation menu that you can access while fighting. You use this to access your healing items and even another menu to activate your special abilities. The one feature that caught my eye was that the NPC you have to follow, MOVES AT YOUR PACE! You have no idea how happy I was to be able to run and the NPC kept up with me.

The Story Has Depth

Outside of being hype about the NPC’s movement speeds, the game’s plot is surprisingly deep. This school has a bad reputation for not producing graduates who are able to find work. So alumni got together and were basically going to shut down the school by force. Somehow someway there was a deal struck that a fund would be put together to aid the graduating class so that this won’t be an issue anymore. The only problem was there is not enough money for everyone so they put in place a competition. Just so happens that the masses voted for it to be one of violence.

Overall if you’re into beat ’em ups this game is worth checking out and the demo is available for free. Also if you enjoy the demo consider supporting their fundraiser through IndieGoGo.

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