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Fans of Lara Croft have wondered what’s next for the iconic franchise. It has DLC for Power Simulator and is coming to Modern Warfare in the form of an operator skin. However, in terms of games, the last adventure of the legendary explorer was the finale of the recent reboot trilogy. Though fans are looking to the future wondering what lies ahead. During the recent Nintendo Direct fans got a peek as Tomb Raider Remastered brings back the classic trilogy.

While we are aware of a new game coming in the future; The Tomb Raider Remastered collection is coming on Valentine’s Day. So let’s look at what’s in store in February:

From the trailer they confirmed this will be a full remaster with enhancements to all the original games. As the article says, we have a little bit of information from Nintendo. As the trilogy is not only getting remastered but will include all expansions and secret levels for each game. As well as the ability to toggle between the original polygon look and the upgraded visuals at any time, similar to that in Halo Anniversary in the MCC. Also, while the initial reveal only showed a Switch release being on their showcase. Fans were told in an official announcement, that it will be launching on other hardware as well.

Though what do you make of this news? As always we love hearing your thoughts. If you wish to preorder it’s available on the eShop. The price is £26.99/$29.99. Presently it has a 10% discount putting the game at £24.29/$26.99.

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