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Nearly two years ago, gave a first look at a fantasy-themed strategy game called Gord. Stan Just was the name behind the studio. He is also one of the producers behind The Witcher 3. From its inception, has been a developer with a distinguished history. Since Gord launched, we’ve heard about the next project, To The Star. However, now we can share some more about this upcoming game, and we’ll start with the latest trailer below.

Though we now can see the first look at the gameplay for To The Star. A Gaming Network called this a “whimsical survival adventure game” which “draws inspiration from the timeless tale of Alice in Wonderland”. Now we have gameplay what else can be said for this upcoming title?

To The Star – What To Expect

According to the developers, the game is an adventure that strongly emphasizes creativity and “(Brief)base building.” This is all to help you progress through this magical world to reach a fallen star. The description given is

You will travel through a strange land filled with unique creatures and remarkable vistas and literally carry the world on your back as you do so! The magical briefcase allows you to jump into it anytime, and build your base in a private dimension, a.k.a ‘Briefbase’. So after you’ve done some exploring, fighting, and gathering materials you can then invest them not only into farming resources but also to Skillbuildings, which in turn improves your character’s abilities in the world, letting your progress further on your journey.

As a result, the base does more than just build; it also helps you improve your abilities. It is also a way to save space for all of your experimental crafting. So, to clarify, we can “mix and match any type of ingredient” you come across. With this in mind, you can either consume these ingredients, throw them at a co-player, or shoot them at an enemy. The gameplay will offer a huge range of possibilities. By changing how it looks and uploading your own music, your Briefbase is fully customizable. If you want more information on, visit their official website. This contains links that allow you to follow them on Twitter or join discussions on their Discord. As always, we love hearing your thoughts, so why not get in touch and share them with us?

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