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First and foremost thank you to the wonderfully talented ladies of Grown Women Gaming. I ended up winning their Diablo IV giveaway and now it is time to shoot arrows and set traps. During the closed beta, the one I got access to by purchasing a chicken sandwich I ran around as a rogue class. I found a way to fight at range while also melting any enemy’s health pool by inflicting vulnerability.

So of course it was time to see if my tried and true method would work during the early access. Which I got because I ended up winning the deluxe edition of Diablo IV. So I jumped into the world and used my daggers until I was able to unlock an ability point. Then boom jumped straight to “Forceful Arrow”.

Forceful Arrow Skill Description

Time To Shoot Arrows
From Fextralife Wiki

Why I like this ability so much is it gives you the ability to quickly destroy evil at a distance. As a rogue you are classified as squishy. So you are going to need to keep space between your foes and yourself. What a better way than have a ranged attack that every 3rd arrow causes an enemy to take 20% more damage. Seriously and at max rank the damage percentage goes up to 28%. Also you can use a skill point to pick between having the arrow travel through enemies or cause a knockback effect. For me I chose to have it travel through enemies.

I plan on playing with friends, even random people online, but I often find myself running around Sanctuary (The world of Diablo IV) alone. So I have to be able to increase my DPS and survivabilty as quickly as possible. Next step after adding enough points the first ability node. I then go on to rank up the “Sturdy” ability which gives you close damage reduction by 4% for rank one and by max rank (rank 3) it’ll offer 12% close up damage reduction. This is once again to quickly increase your survivabilty because you will always have some form of close combat.

For me my final build will focus on bows and traps. I aim to be a good asset to any party while also being able to take on hordes of enemies on my own. Below you can watch my first live stream of Diablo IV.

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