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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a Star Wars hero collector mobile game by EA’s Capital Games. Initially released on November 24th, 2015, the game has raked in well over a billion dollars. The game’s success is so great that it has earned more than both Battlefront games developed by Dice combined. It would be easy to infer that the game is solid with all that in mind. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth. Capital Games has mismanaged the game so poorly that as of right now, it is NOT advised to spend money on the title.

Hijacked Account Hijinks

A player’s account was recently hacked and hijacked. The person who gained access to the account was malicious, and they deleted the entire account. Naturally, the account’s owner contacted customer service. In the infinite wisdom of developers, the deletion of an account is permanent and not even they are able to recover it.

The greater issue here, however, is not that the account was deleted. The issue is that this “hacker” does not need to do anything special to gain access to the account. There is a backdoor in the system that somehow allows someone to log in to another random account. Don’t be fooled, this is NOT a new issue either. There have been reported cases (with this being the most recent) of this kind of thing occurring all the way back in 2018. In what world is it acceptable to leave such a critical bug in the game for over four years?

Also, the developers can’t claim ignorance, they helped the largest Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes content creator on YouTube get their account back when they ran into this same issue. Thankfully, in that case, the person who got into account did so completely by accident and was actually a fan of the creator.

Do They Even Care About Galaxy Of Heroes Players?

The poor handling of the situation has caused many players to lose their accounts. In a lot of these cases, these people spent years in the game and might have spent a lot of money. As well as that, this is a game where the average character is around $400 for players wanting to buy them the day they release. With so much money being invested into the game, the fact that someone can log in to someone else’s account and potentially delete all of it is simply inexcusable. There is no reason why it could not have been resolved in 2018. This is gross negligence and displays no care whatsoever for the community. Why spend money if the developers don’t care if you lose everything?

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