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This year appears to be the year of scary games. Following The Callisto Protocol last year, remakes of Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 were released. Fort Solis and Alone in the Dark reboots are also on the way. Silent Hill 2 may be remade this year, and Stray Souls, a game inspired by it, will be released soon. But that’s not the only kind of horror on offer. Alien invasions are another popular horror theme that was recently tackled in Greyhill Incident which is out now. There is another alien invasion horror game on the way to Steam with a playable demo. The game in question is They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror which is due next year.

The announcement trailer was released in 2021, and the game was initially scheduled for release in 2022. As we all know, the Covid 19 pandemic put a lot of the world on a halt. The trailer can be seen below.

If we look at the Steam page we see that “They Are Here” – is a first-person horror story about a journalist who witnessed an alien abduction at the Grayswood farm. Explore the area armed with a flashlight. Take photos of evidence of the alien’s presence and get to the bottom of the horrifying truth”.

What They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror Is Like

We’ve included some demo gameplay below. This is simply a sample of what the game will be like when it is released.

From what I’ve seen, the game appears to be extremely good-looking and atmospheric. Compared to Greyhill Incident, I thought this was a better-looking game, especially with the lighting. The textures are crisper, and the experience is smoother. Greyhill is a good game with a few flaws. I thought the ambiance and music around this game to be much creepier and more intense as well.

The demo appears to play smoothly, however, there is no opportunity in the options to examine or adjust your controls. Though much of what I encountered were normal movement controls. However, you are told how to use the flashlight when moving or jogging. However, I expect this to be fixed in the final release. As for platforms, we know PC is one, and the developer confirmed a console release on Twitter.

After playing the demo I am very interested in playing more of this game and seeing where they will take the alien invasion genre. Hopefully, as the year draws to a close we will get some more information. Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming!

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