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So, the developer name of Red Barrels may not mean much to many gamers. However you will more than likely have come across their horror franchise. That being the series of games Outlast. Also the franchise a decade old as the original game debuted in 2013 and the sequel in 2017. Though now we have the third game as we told you available in early access now. The new instalment is called The Outlast Trials. The early access is available via the games Steam listing as well as the Epic Store.

The first two games were fantastically crafted horror titles. On Steam the first game is voted as Overwhelmingly positive and the sequel very positive. They were also single player games. The Outlast Trials brings a multi player experience to the series. The Steam page tells us that we play solo when facing the trials or ” can tackle them in a team of 2, 3, or 4 players. Coop is never forced when it comes to mandatory objectives but working together can be highly beneficial”.

The Outlast Trials – PC Only Or Console Bound

From what we see, the game is only available on PC. Though console players take note that is for the early access. When it launches fully it seems a console release is planned. This comes straight from the developer themselves on Twitter.

So a console launch will seemingly allow us to play with friends on other consoles or PC. However the game has seen a solid early access launch. It has 4377 reviews at time of writing all with a Overwhelmingly Positive rating. So it seems all console players are missing out on are the early access. With a solid launch that full release could come sooner rather than later. Hopefully we can find out any launch plans before the year is out.

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