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If you’re a fan of survival horror games, then this year is a treat for you! The gaming industry offers various titles, ranging from indie gems to AAA masterpieces. Among the notable releases, the iconic Resident Evil franchise has influenced many games, such as Tormented Souls and Echoes of the Living. Joining the ranks of these titles is The Mute House, a game that deserves your attention. Thanks to the Steam Next Fest, we had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with it.

Taking a Closer Look at The Mute House

Upon visiting The Mute House’s Steam listing, a brief description catches your eye, reminiscent of the classic Capcom game. The game is described as being “inspired by old and classic survival horror games” and offers a blend of exploration, management, puzzles, and a touch of action. The protagonist, Emily, finds herself trapped in a mysterious mansion while investigating her sister’s disappearance. Naturally, I anticipated a game paying homage to Resident Evil, but what I discovered was more than just that.

What To Expect In The Mute House

From the opening gameplay screen, I immediately thought it was borrowing from the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. Let’s compare the two.

Except for the camera angles, they appear nearly identical; even the door locations are similar. Though the rooms and corridor of the main hall have a unique layout. The game, on the other hand, looks really nice, with some impressive lighting. It has the same control scheme and camera angle setup as Resident Evil. Combat is also very similar. I’ve recorded and uploaded a quick look at this and the early parts of the game.

There is no option in this demo to change your key bindings and if you use a controller it doesn’t tell you what the controls are either. For horror, it’s a solid entry though for me let down by the fact it’s not very original. So to summarise all my thoughts on the demo. The game has promise but it would be nice to offer a control option similar to the remasters of Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 0. Also, it feels like it’s borrowed a lot from Resident Evil, which is a let down for me. I would be interested in getting but not at full price.

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