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It’s pretty hard to keep a certain Naughty Dog hit out of the news presently. The series turns ten years old this Summer. It seems like yesterday coming home from a holiday to find my PlayStation 3 copy of The Last Of Us waiting for me. It’s not a secret I love the game as well. So from that original 2013 release to the remaster and the recent remake I’ve played the game numerous times. Naturally, I was excited for The Last Of Us Season 1 to air on HBO. Clearly, I wasn’t alone as many of you watched it too.

If you are unaware of the events of The Last of Us Part 2, then this may contain details you want to avoid. Or even if you’re just a fan of the TV adaptation that just aired. First, off we know that’s not the end for Joel and Ellie in the recent HBO adaptation. As you may or may not know the series was given the go-ahead for season 2 and we’ve heard that we may even get a season 3 as suggested by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin. Though actress Bella Ramsay who plays Ellie doesn’t think we’ll see season 2 for a while.

The Last Of Us Season 2 – Clues For What Is To Come

We have been teased about one aspect of the upcoming Season of the series. So if you’re unaware of events in the second game and don’t want to know anymore then you should want to look away now.

So what was the source of the tease? Well, it’s none other than Neil Druckmann himself. So when it comes to the popular Naughty Dog title and also the show he should be in the know. This is what he put on Twitter when stating it’s the first Sunday on HBO the show hasn’t been on since debuting.

Fans of the game can immediately recognize what’s happening in the scene. It is safe to assume that is the infamous Abby’s arm, “Endure and Survive” indeed. However, I won’t delve further into the content. Are you excited for Season 2? We always love to hear from you.

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