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It seems like just yesterday we got the announcement for The Last of Us HBO series, which was given the green light by HBO towards the end of 2020. Since then, the show has been filmed, edited, and aired on TV, culminating in the Season 1 finale, which aired recently. As a big fan of the games, I was curious to see how the series would compare, and I’m happy to report that the adaptation was incredibly well done across multiple episodes. Even when the show deviated from the game, the changes made sense and didn’t bother me. Of course, as we know, the game also had a sequel that continued Ellie’s story and introduced Abbie, and it was a bit divisive among fans. Personally, I loved it. So now that The Last of Us HBO has finished its first season, the question is: what’s next?

Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsay)

The Last Of Us HBO Season 2 – Where Next For Joel And Ellie

The series is getting a second season and it looks like we have news of a season three to follow. GQ Magazine sat down with both Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin to discuss the show. So we had topics about parts of the game that didn’t make the show, for example the hotel basement. Consequently the future of the show and this is what was said about the future.

People are also speculating how Season 2 will encompass such a large game. Will the next season span the entire course of the second game?

Mazin: [shakes head] No. No way. 

Druckmann: It’s more than one season.

Can you tell us if it’s two or three seasons?

Mazin: You have noted correctly that we will not say how many. But more than one is factually correct. [Laughs].

We know the story of the second game is much larger than the first. So we have three distinct sections to the game which I won’t discuss storylines in case people are still not sure of event’s. However fans will know what I mean. As to what we get we will certainly have to wait and see.

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