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Tell Me Why, the newest title from Dontnod Entertainment (Life is Strange, Vampyr), finally got a release date today at Xbox Games Showcase. We originally saw Tell Me Why get an announcement previously at X019. Tell Me Why stars the twins Alyson & Tyler. The two share a supernatural bond that’ll be actively shown throughout their adventure through small-town Alaska. Game director, Florent Guillaume explains:

“The twins are connected by strong supernatural bond, which allows them to share their thoughts and feelings. They also have the ability to interact with past memories – to recall and relive them. There are questions of perspective – the two characters see things and remember things differently and you get to choose which you believe, and that shapes the story.”

This title set over three chapters throughout and will be touching on social themes throughout the game such as Trans experiences. This will be the first major release in gaming that will have a transgender male as its lead. Furthur pushing inclusion, representation, and diversity of lead characters. Check out the trailer below. Tell Me Why launches August 27th for Xbox One X. In addition, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber you will have access to this title, as most of the games shown at the Xbox Games Showcase, day one of release.

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