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Just over a year ago we began our coverage of the Steam Deck. One feature it had was the option to hook the unit up to your TV. This was a similar setup to the Switch as there was a Steam Deck Docking Station. However, sadly, this was launched later than the actual device itself.

Roughly a year after the reveal of the Valve handheld, they announced a delay to the Steam Deck Docking Station with the following announcement

Hi all. Due to parts shortages and COVID closures at our manufacturing facilities, the official Steam Deck Docking Station is delayed. We’re working on improving the situation and will share more info when we have it. This has no effect on production schedule and reservation windows for Steam Decks (different parts, different factories).

In the meantime the team is continuing to work on improving the docked experience for Steam Deck with all USB-C hubs and external displays.

So it seems the pandemic has been a massive part of the delay. Parts shortages have been an issue in making the new generations of consoles more readily available. However, we are seeing improvements in availability. Though according to NME, things could be changing regarding this delayed accessory for the Steam Deck as well.

What We Know About The Steam Deck Docking Station

Well NME noticed it has been displayed at the Tokyo Game Show as every console has been mounted on the station. On Reddit we can see the actual back of the Dock as well as an on depth discussion about what was shown

Rear view of the upcoming Docking Station

It also appears we have only one USB-C port on it which is for the power supply. Following the conversation thread, it seems some are unhappy with the layout of the ports. However, what do you think about this news? Are you one of those waiting for this to launch? As always we’d love to hear from you.

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