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Tidbits of information around the illusive Starfield have begun to be released. There have been a lot of discussions around the Starfield Hype Train. We still have not seen official gameplay and the question has to be asked, when do you begin to get hyped for a game?

For myself, my oversized backlog and new VR headset have numbed me to the old hype train effects. Mix in games overpromising and underdelivering. Also, a dash of adulting to worry about has jaded me a bit to the hype. The last game I was first class ticket hype about was Fallout 4. I still have one of the GameStop banner ads hung in my office as I type. At my previous job, I would sneak and watch MrMattyPlays videos and use the internet stat builder to create my potential builds. Listening to podcasts about the game, watching every video around each stat in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Played a ridiculous amount of Fallout Shelter.

Then the game was finally here and it didn’t have the same immediate feel Fallout 3 does. Felt as if a big chunk of the RPG elements was missing. But, if I’m being truthful, it was I got in my own way with the hype of the game. Now rolling this over to Starfield, Bethesda outside of the rough launch of Fallout 76 is known for good games. Buggy at times, and odd DLC, yes can’t ignore that but overall create top-selling games.

Bethesda - Starfield

Starfield Is A Day One Purchase/Install Regardless

So with this upcoming game, I am trying to stay level about it because of a few things. One, I am most likely going to buy this game, maybe even the collector’s edition. Two, at the bare minimum, if this game is Fallout 4 with space travel it will be worth the money. Lastly, it will day one on Xbox Game Pass so I will for sure play it because I am already subscribed to the service.

I don’t want to overhype this game because I don’t want it to fall short in my eyes. For it to not live up to the hype I created and get in the way of me enjoying a potentially dope game. Fingers crossed for a successful launch, and a fun new IP from Bethesda.

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One thought on “Starfield Hype Train, You On Or Off?

  1. NoMansSkyrim says:

    Starfield is Xbox exclusive first, which means other systems must wait. Which also means we can learn from ea adopters as they will be the first to get their hands soiled. I don’t expect this to be a great game, too much stink and over marketing will be the losing streak. Judging the tonality of the trailer there are some glaring problems, its heavily leaning on FTL and NMS mechanics, with a pinch Mechwarrior and a dash of Fallout. Then there is the gui problem, ships interface is practically nonfunctional if you look at the trailer closely the user helmet acts as the interface also there’s no planetary landing, slow movement, slow weapons, just plain slow everything. Next the ship builder, it isn’t really a builder but rather a connector that lets you connect modules from an assortment, so if you are looking for a ship builder look at Space Engineers instead. If you are looking for managing fleets, controlling an economy, then nothing beats the X series those things already exist in the X universe which I don’t think Starfield can top. Starfield seems too focused on, factions, story, player choice and a smaller universe. The game play by contrast just feels like frosting on the cake, so yeah that’s my take away from their trailer and tech talk.

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